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July 10, 2008

We want SIDELINE STAR to be an exciting, safe, and fun place for our members. We want to help you understand how to user our site in the best way, so that the website stays a safe and unthreatening place for you, your fellow cheerleaders, coaches, and fans.

Here are a few important guidelines for using SIDELINE STAR in a safe way:

SIDELINE STAR has been designed to let your teammates, friends and fans learn more about you, along with the squads you are most interested in. Thus, it's expected that you'll share information about yourself like your favorite teams, movies, music, or just your random thoughts.

However, you should avoid posting any personal information that will put you in jeopardy. Some pieces of information are obvious - for instance you should never post your email, social security number, credit card, or your mother's maiden name! You should also avoid posting any information that would allow someone you don't know from locating you like your home phone number or address.

Some pieces of information are more subtle. We don't recommend posting any personal information-like your IM screenname-in public places like comments or discussion boards, even if you have posted that info in your profile, because your profile is more secure and you can control who sees it.

We recommend posting enough information that allows your friends, teammates, and fans to know who you are and be able to search for you, but not so much that would ever put you in a bad situation. Use common sense, and always ask your parents or people you trust for their advice!

Your Password

With the exception of your parents, never give your password to anyone. If you believe someone might have discovered your password, use the "Forgot your Name or Password?" feature to change your password to something new. And remember, always try to create a password that is easy for you to remember, but very difficult for others to figure out.

Online Friends

Although it can be fun and interesting to communicate (even start a spirit battle) with people from other high schools who you encounter on SIDELINE STAR, be cautious of "online" friends that you've never met in person. Unfortunately, they may not be who they say they are. When in doubt, don't become friends with people that you don't know in real life. Doing so could give them additional information about you that you don't want them to have, including access to your profile page, team page, and statistics. As on any site, you should avoid meeting in person people with whom you chat online. Regardless of how much or how well you think you know them, the person may not be who they say they are.

Report and Blocking Members

To become a member of SIDELINE STAR, cheerleaders, fans, and coaches must validate that they are above thirteen (13) years of age. Although these measures provide a layer of security that most Internet services don't have, it's still not 100% fool-proof. If you come across a member profile that looks suspicious in any way, you should notify us by using the "Report" button on the left-hand side of their profile. Never be afraid to report a user for any reason; reporting is anonymous and they will never know who alerted the SIDELINE STAR Team.

SIDELINE STAR works hard to prevent cyber-bullying and unwanted content associated with you or your profile. If someone harasses you or others, or does anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, use the "Report" button at the top of their profile page to notify the SIDELINE STAR Team. You can also take these steps to prevent them from contacting you:

  • Block them from viewing or searching for you by changing your Privacy Settings (Mouse over "My Locker", click "Settings")
  • Prevent them from sending you private messages by changing your Privacy Settings (Mouse over "My Locker", click "Settings", then click "Privacy Settings")

If you ever feel you're in real danger, you should immediately report the matter to your parents, school officials, or local law enforcement. In addition, you should report the member to the SIDELINE STAR Team.

Virus Protection

Occasionally people may misuse SIDELINE STAR to promote their business, or to try to get information about you for fraudulent purposes. Don't respond to such messages and be careful about the external links you click on. You should also make sure you have adequate virus and spyware protection installed on your computer so that if you accidentally click on a harmful link, your computer will alert you.

If you see commercial postings on a personal message board or receive any such personal messages, you should also make sure to report these instances to the SIDELINE STAR staff so that we can remove the content and prevent the person who posted it from repeating his action.

In Conclusion

It's important to us that SIDELINE STAR stays an entertaining, fun, inviting, and safe place for all our members. If you have any concerns, questions, or comments, always feel free to contact us.

Finally, here are a few well-regarded and popular websites that have additional information about how to stay safe online:

Child Safety Network:
OnGuard Online:
·         Wired Safety:

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