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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General
    • What is SIDELINE STAR?

SIDELINE STAR is the fastest growing online cheerleading community. SIDELINE STAR provides one place for all cheerleaders, coaches and fans to come together in a web-based community.

Cheerleaders have the ability to show off their accomplishments and share their talents with other cheerleaders. You can create your own profile, post your stats, check in with your favorite teams, participate in forums, watch video footage of new moves, connect with other cheerleaders & coaches, and so much more.

    • How do I join?

Click here to join. Registration is FREE for everyone!

    • Is SIDELINE STAR only for cheerleaders?

While most of our users are current and former cheerleaders, SIDELINE STAR welcomes everyone interested in becoming a cheerleader or involved in the industry. SIDELINE STAR is for cheerleaders, built by cheerleaders and coaches, choreographers, alumni, parents and fans of cheer teams are all welcome!

  • Registration and Login
    • What if I forgot my password?

        No problem - just click on the "Forget Your Password?" link in the box that pops up after you click the 
        Sign In link on the home page, and we'll email your info to you.

    • How do I change my password?

Click on the orange "Contact Info" button on you’re My Locker page, and then click on the "Change Password" field.

  • Profiles
    • How do I edit my profile?

Just click on the orange "Edit" buttons on your profile, or the orange “Edit Profile” link on you’re my Locker page. In here, you can adjust your message settings, privacy settings and change your password.

    • What are Privacy settings?

Privacy settings let you decide who gets to view your profile. If you don't want to be found on Google (or other search engines), set your profile to Private or Friends only. Sideline Star recommends the “Private” setting for all personal profile pages on Sideline Star, but it’s your choice if you prefer to make it public. Visit our Safety section for more information on how to protect your information online.

    • What is "My Stats"?

It's where you indicate your skill level for stunts, jumps, tumbling and dance.

    • What is the Blog?

The blog allows you to write personal journal entries that are significant to you and your cheerleading experiences! Share them with others by setting them to public, or keep your blog just between friends by setting it to private.

  • Photos
    • How can I add photos to my profile page?

    • How do I delete a photo?

Click the blue "browse" button below your photos on your home page. Then click the minus icon below the photo you want to remove.

    • What do I do when I see an offensive photo?

You can anonymously report the photo by double clicking on the image, then clicking the orange “Report Misuse” button next to the photo. A notification will be sent to the SIDELINE STAR security team, who will evaluate the photo and take further action if necessary.

    • What photo formats are accepted on SIDELINE STAR?

Right now, SIDELINE STAR supports *.gif, *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, or *.bmp files.

    • What is the maximum file size for a picture uploaded on SIDELINE STAR?

The max size is 2MB. If your photo exceeds the limit, try a smaller version.

    • Videos
      • How do I upload a video to SIDELINE STAR?


      • Why hasn't my video shown up yet?

    All videos are converted to a special format after they are uploaded to SIDELINE STAR. Some videos take time to convert, so please be patient. If your video still doesn't show up after 30 minutes, please try to re-upload it, or contact us directly at

      • How long will my videos stay on SIDELINE STAR?

    Videos stay on SIDELINE STAR until the members choose to take them down. Videos which violate our terms and conditions, and have been reported by other users may be taken down by SIDELINE STAR.

      • What are accepted video formats on SIDELINE STAR?

    Acceptable formats include: .wmv, .flv, .avi, .mpg, .mp4 and .mov.

      • What is the maximum size of a video that I can upload on SIDELINE STAR?

    The max size is 100MB. Upload as many videos as you want, enter contests, and show us your best highlights!

      • Why isn't my video playing?

    Check to see if you have uploaded the right file format. If you have, send us an email to We'll get in touch, and help you troubleshoot.

      • How do I get my video from YouTube, MySpace or other videos sites onto SIDELINE STAR?

    From the top navigation bar, hover over "Videos" then click "Upload My Video". Paste the code in the “Embed” field. Note – embedded videos do not display a thumbnail picture, but they will play.

      • How do I report a video for inappropriate content?

    You can anonymously report the video by clicking the orange “Report Misuse” button. A member of the SIDELINE STAR security team will evaluate the video, and then take further action if necessary.

    • Friends
      • How do I add someone as my friend?

    To add a friend just either click the "Add as friend" button from their profile page. They will then be asked to confirm if you are their friend or not. If they say yes, you will have a new friend!

      • How do I remove a friend?

    Go to you’re my Locker page and click on “View All” in your Friends section. Then, click “Remove Friend” underneath their picture.

      • If I reject someone as a friend, will they find out?

    No. Nothing will show up on their page. That person will just not appear as your friend.

      • What if someone is harassing me?

    If anyone posts inappropriate things to you, report them immediately. Go to their profile and click the “Report Misuse” button under their profile picture. If you want them to stop looking at your profile or stop sending you messages, adjust your Privacy settings. If you'd like more information about internet safety, please check out our Safety section.

    • Teams
      • How Do I Join a Team?

    The Team Page features are coming soon to Sideline Star. Coaches will have administrative level access to their team page, and team members will require approval to be linked to the Team Page as a current team member. Alumni and fans of the team can send the team a friend request, just as they would to other cheerleaders!

      • How do I create a team?

    You’ll soon be able to create Team Pages on Sideline Star. Stay tuned!

      • What is "Administrative Upload Only" mean?

    "Administrative Upload Only" means that only the group's creator can upload pictures, videos, and create announcements for that group. These settings are the administrator’s choice.

    • Other
      • What is appropriate material for SIDELINE STAR?

    Read the SIDELINE STAR Terms of Use- it'll tell you all you need to know about what we allow on our site.

      • I have some great ideas for SIDELINE STAR. How do I tell you guys?

    Great - we're always glad to hear from you and depend on you guys to make SIDELINE STAR better! Contact us to send us your thoughts.


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